Connex Communications Inc.
(336) 859-3839

Connex Communications Inc.

    Connex Communications places underground mainline, Fiber Optic, Copper and Coaxial Cables for:

    City of Salisbury FTTH (Fibrant)
  Century Link

North State Communications
Piedmont Telephone Company
Randolph Telephone
Farmer Telephone
Frontier Communications Company

Connex Communications Inc. Also provides:

  • Fiber Splicing, Cable Splicing, Installation & Repair, Cable Maintenance, and Payphone Collections.
  • Placement of Underground Telephone & Cable Drops: More than 600-800 Per Week.
  • Placement of Fiber Optic Drops: Approx. 200 Per Week.
  • Connex Communications Inc. Has over 70 employees with full benefits, and a very low employee turnover.
  • Connex has had a Drug Testing policy in effect since 1992.
  • Connex will supply an on site supervisor familiar with all phases of the needs of your particular network.
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