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Underground Drops

Here at Connex Communications, we pride ourselves on our Underground Drop Placement.  Our work is professional and exacting.  Our goal is quality, and Underground Drop Management is one area that really shows who the professionals are.

For starters, we carefully evaluate the drop location for any obstacles and potential issues before dispatching a crew.  We proactively initiate the Location procedure.  We coordinate with both you, our customer, as well as with YOUR customer, ensuring in every possible way that there is as small a disturbance as possible.

As the work is being done, the work is exactly to your specifications.  We are diligent in doing everything we can to minimize the footprints any equipment leaves behind.  Care is taken with every yard, ensuring even the most exacting and demanding subscriber has a positive experience.

Should any problem with an unmarked utility or customer premise utility arise (Irrigation System, Invisible Fence, Etc.) we immediately and proactively repair the issue, and deal with the situation with urgency and professionalism.  It is our goal to provide the absolute best and most worry-free service possible, and our focus is to ensure that your customers are happy customers.
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